When you or a loved one are charged with a crime, it is frightening and overwhelming to say the least. A qualified Oakland criminal defense attorney will provide you with quality representation, taking the time and effort necessary to thoroughly investigate your case and build a vigorous defense on your behalf. At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, we are a team of Oakland defense lawyers who are dedicated to providing our clients with the personal attention necessary to reach successful verdicts.

Criminal offenses bring serious penalties; your freedom, reputation and future are at stake. An experienced Oakland criminal defense lawyer has a thorough knowledge and understanding of how criminal laws work, and how to challenge any and all evidence brought against you. We realize there are plenty of Oakland criminal defense attorneys to choose from, but be aware that not every lawyer has the expertise or ability to have charges against you dropped. When it comes to your very livelihood, you need a professional who is aggressive and not afraid to stand up to prosecutors and their tactics.


At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, we feel confident that you will be impressed with the results we obtain in your case. As a team of highly qualified Oakland criminal defense lawyers, we work diligently to uncover every detail of your case. We will evaluate the legality of evidence gathered, work with experts who can weaken the case brought against you, question witnesses and police for inconsistencies and do everything in our power to secure your freedom. When your entire future is at stake, you need an Oakland defense attorney who is skilled and focused on only one thing – winning your case.

Today, too many Oakland criminal defense attorneys spread themselves too thin. They are so busy trying to build their clientele list that they don’t have the time to give each individual the attention they deserve. This can hurt your case, reducing the odds of a successful verdict. You deserve an Oakland criminal defense lawyer who will work aggressively on your behalf, turning over every single detail in order to secure your future.

No matter what type of crime you have committed, you have rights. It is essential that you have a team of dedicated Oakland criminal defense lawyers on your side. Protect your freedom and reputation by contacting Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC. We will work diligently to put your future back on track.

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