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Obtaining the services of a dedicated San Francisco criminal defense attorney is essential when you have been charged with a criminal offense. A defense lawyer that places all focus and attention on your individual case is essential for the best possible outcome. Whether you have been charged with fraud, drug possession, computer crime or even a federal offense, you want a San Francisco criminal lawyer working aggressively on your behalf to obtain the best results possible.

Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC is a team of qualified lawyers who believe in giving each client the personal attention they deserve. Our criminal defense attorneys have the in-depth knowledge and expertise necessary to obtain the best outcome possible. Your choice of defense attorneys should be based on an exceptional track record, experience and knowledge of the law to secure a positive outcome for your matter.

Attorney Clint C. Christoffersen

Being convicted of a crime carries with it heavy fines and possible imprisonment – not to mention the impact to your future and reputation. A dedicated team of San Francisco criminal defense attorneys will work tirelessly in your defense against all allegations. At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, we understand the difficulties in navigating the criminal justice system and treat our clients with compassion and care; explaining the status of your case each step of the way.

Individuals from any walk of life may find themselves in a situation that has undesirable repercussions. By hiring a dedicated and experienced San Francisco criminal attorney, you are ensured your best interest is placed at the forefront of our work. Our hard working team of San Francisco criminal defense lawyers work tirelessly to achieve the very best possible outcome for you.

When choosing a San Francisco criminal lawyer, you want to choose an attorney who is dedicated to seeking justice in your matter. We are not interested in building a list of clients, but are zealously dedicated to seeking justice for each and every client we help.  The experienced team of criminal attorneys at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC have the knowledge, dedication and drive to push all available resources to the limits to get the best possible outcome for your case and help get your life back on track.

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Associate attorney Clint C. Christoffersen received a favorable outcome in a civil case in San Francisco County resulting in the case being DISMISSED.

Helpful Resources for Someone Arrested in San Francisco

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