2021: New Year, New Laws

Now that it’s 2021, it is a new year with new laws you should know about. January marks the end of a passing year and a fresh beginning to a new year full of promise and hope. Although 2020 delivered world wide issues resulting in a global pandemic and nation wide protests in the United States, there are a few positive things that arose from the challenges that effects criminal law in a positive way, specifically here in California. Below are a few criminal laws that were passed effective as of January, 1 2021 in California:

  • Ban on law enforcement  in using chokeholds and carotid restraints as a means of restraint (AB 1196)
  • Restoring felon voting rights (Proposition 17)
  • Reduced sex offender registration (SB 384)
  • Capped probation terms: AB 1950 enacts a maximum one year probation term for misdemeanor offenses and two years for felony offenses, with some exceptions.

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