Danielle R. Bajwa

Legal Management and Marketing Consultant
Danielle R. Bajwa - Office Manager

Mrs. Bajwa is the legal management and marketing consultant at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC. She joined our firm in October, 2013 and served as the office manager for five years. She grew up in the Bay Area and has spent most of her professional career working in an administrative capacity for criminal defense firms.

Mrs. Bajwa has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Riverside and a Juris Doctor from the University of La Verne, College of Law. Mrs. Bajwa began her career in the legal field as a file clerk in Hayward, CA and worked her way up to legal assistant/paralegal. It was through her experience working as legal assistant in a criminal defense firm she found she had a passion for seeking justice, and a knack for running an office. She attended and graduated law school, then began her professional career working as an office manager. Her insight from working in the legal field in an administrative capacity coupled with her legal education has provided her with the ability to manage and market a law firm in a meaningful way.

Mrs. Bajwa has over a decade of  legal management experience in a criminal defense firm.  She is loyal and hardworking and dedicated to serving clients’ needs, as well as the needs of the firm.