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Gianna M. Qualls

Administrative/Legal  Assistant

Ms. Gianna M. Qualls is the latest addition to Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC as Administrative/Legal Assistant. Ms. Qualls earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Consular and Diplomatic Affairs at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde in the Philippines and is now pursuing her Master’s degree in Public Administration at Golden Gate University.

Ms. Qualls was born in Walnut Creek, California, but grew up in the Philippines. She realized her passion for helping others when she moved to the Philippines and saw the drastic lack of resources for fundamental necessities and rights, particularly in underdeveloped areas with high rates of impoverishment, and no rights to proper healthcare, social justice, or basic education. Fueled by her dedication to helping others, Ms. Qualls volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, and Feed the Children.

Ms. Qualls comes to us with previous experience working as a business immigration paralegal. Ms. Qualls observed that there were many criminal law issues that crossed over with immigration issues. It was during her work as an immigration paralegal that Ms. Qualls developed the desire to assist clients facing criminal matters and utilize the skills and determination she learned working with immigration clients in their pursuit of justice here at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC. Ms. Qualls is also fluent in Tagalog and speaks conversational Spanish!

Ms. Qualls’ enthusiasm for seeking justice was further perpetuated by her strong belief that real change only happens when the rules of antiquated systems are changed or modified, propelling her to pursue a career in the criminal justice system. Ms. Qualls aims to utilize her desire to help others seek justice by one day reforming and creating policies regarding prison reform and rehabilitation. In her role as Administrative/Legal Assistant, Ms. Qualls hopes to utilize her knowledge and passion to support clients in their individual journey seeking justice in their matters.

Administrative/Legal Assistant-Gianna M. Qualls