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June 6, 2018October 28th, 2022Practice Areas

What is Bribery?

Bribery under California Law can be defined as the act of offering goods, services, money, or property in exchange for influence over an employee or government or public official. Even an attempt to bribe an individual in a public or official position is considered to be a criminal offense.

Whether you have been accused of or arrested for bribing a public official, a peace officer, or public officer, it is important to contact a reputable lawyer like Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC as soon as possible to prepare the best defense in your matter. No matter if you are facing serious state or federal bribery charges, you can count on Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC to deliver the aggressive, dedicated representation that you deserve.

You may be a city council member or planning commissioner, mayor, treasurer or simply a professional in business. No matter what your status, the charge of bribery is a serious matter that can affect your reputation, freedom, business, and career. We know that the plan of action we take on your behalf can mean the difference between your life taking a devastating direction, and continuing toward a future of success. Our skilled bribery attorneys can work for you, securing your future and reputation.

When it comes to politics, these matters can be extremely sensitive. You should get an attorney who is dedicated to protecting your political future in a discreet manner, one who knows how much damage that the charges of bribery can have on your reputation, career and business. Our San Francisco based bribery lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced, and will work aggressively to defend you against charges of bribery. These are often complex cases that require the expertise of dedicated professionals who have the experience and track record of reaching a successful verdict.

By consulting with us right away, our talented lawyers may be able to help you avoid serving jail time; it is even possible in some instances to have the investigation halted prior to formal filing of charges. We are a skilled team of professionals who can help you avoid a lengthy state prison sentence and or expensive fines. Protecting your business reputation and career are of the utmost importance to us.

If you have been charged with or accused of bribing a law enforcement officer, judge, jury member, referee, or any public or government official, make the right choice. Protect your reputation, your career and your future by consulting with the skilled San Francisco bribery attorneys at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC.