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Jessica P. Perez

Office Manager
Jessica P. Perez

Ms. Jessica P. Perez is the office manager, joining the Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC administrative team in 2020 as a Legal Secretary. Ms. Perez has vast experience working in private criminal defense practices. She has extensive knowledge of the practices and procedures in the criminal justice system and is well informed in areas of post-conviction relief. Ms. Perez has vast experience assisting with appellate law and is well-versed in procedures at the State level, as well as post-conviction petitions at the Federal level. Ms. Perez is fluent in Spanish and regularly provides translation between the attorneys and clients of the firm at all case levels.

Ms. Perez’s experience and dedication to helping those who have been accused or found guilty of a crime are evidenced in her work assisting clients, in addition to her work in the preparation of three winning commutations to the governor, which stems from a first-degree murder conviction, attempted murder with gang enhancements conviction, and from a case where the defendant struck out under California’s Three Strikes law.

As office manager, Ms. Perez continues to fuel her passion for criminal justice reform by avidly immersing herself in the latest legal news and case law, high profile cases, and offering continuing support to campaigns and groups that aid in the positive reform of our criminal justice system, as well as her unwavering support to clients.

Ms. Perez is a first-generation Latina student and aspires to be an attorney. In addition to her full-time work as office manager with Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, Ms. Perez attends California State University, East Bay where she is working to obtain her B.A. in Criminal Justice in hopes of coupling her overwhelming empathy to help those in need of assistance, with her passion for criminal justice reform.

Office Manager Jessica P. Perez