Firm Philosophy

David J. Cohen, Esq., the firm’s owner and senior attorney, personally handles and supervises your case.  He brings decades of experience in criminal defense, including his knowledge from handling numerous state and federal jury trials and appeals.

At the same time, in most circumstances, your case will also be assigned to one of the firm’s energetic, experienced associate attorneys while being supervised by firm owner and senior attorney, David J. Cohen, Esq..  Both Mr. Cohen and the associate attorney will be available at the office, by e-mail, and by cell phone whenever you need them.  This assures you that, unlike single lawyer criminal defense practices, where the attorney may frequently be out of communication, in court, or involved with another matter, or client, there is virtually always an attorney assigned and available to speak to you about your case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Criminal cases are major life-changing events.  Constant availability, compassionate communication and listening, and knowledgeable advice from a seasoned and experienced legal team are a must. You deserve appropriate, helpful, and successful representation that gets you the results you want and need.

Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC believes that a criminal defense case cannot be properly handled without being prepared and available to consistently take on every pre-trial legal motion and to fully investigate and present – through expert testimony if necessary – every important fact in your matter.

Our capable, compassionate, and experienced administrative staff, and our knowledge and partnership with the top investigators and forensic experts ensure that your case, once we are hired, will be attended to at all times and that nothing will fall through the cracks.

Bay Area Criminal LawyerA criminal case is a war, with a series of battles comprised of bail hearings, pre-trial motions hearings relating to potential constitutional and other legal violations by the prosecutor, pre-trial preparation and investigation, trial motions, hard and tough negotiation toward a favorable plea agreement if possible, and willingness, readiness, and experience to take the case to trial if appropriate.  These battles themselves include, if necessary, sentencing hearings, appeals, post-conviction habeas corpus, and other writ relief.

Only an experienced and trusted criminal defense firm, like Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, whose owner, with more than three decades of experience and who is certified by the California State Bar as a specialist in criminal law, exclusively practices criminal defense, and is armed with experienced, energetic, understanding, compassionate associate attorneys and staff, available 24/7, and who partners with top-notch investigators and forensic experts is able to most successfully represent criminal defense clients facing the deprivation of liberty and rights for extended periods of their lives.