Publications and Authorships

Firm owner and senior attorney David J. Cohen is an accomplished author in the legal community. Below are just some of the publications Mr. Cohen has recently contributed to.

Mr. Cohen authored the article “Common Federal Offenses and Issues” which was nationally circulated in the Federal Defender Manual. He was also a contributing author of “Chapter 7: Forensic Toxicology and the Use of Drug Evidence in the Courtroom,” which was published in the CEB Manual “Scientific Evidence in Criminal Cases,” (Sept. 2009). This manual is used by criminal defense attorneys throughout the state of California as a resource.

Since February 2016, Mr. Cohen has been a contributing author to James Publishing’s Ninth Circuit Criminal Law Reporter. The Ninth Circuit Criminal Law Reporter is a bi-weekly publication that summarizes all Ninth Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court decisions published since 1983. It is a widely used publication of up-to-date published decisions used by defense attorneys and prosecutors alike.

David J. Cohen, Esq. also regularly publishes legal articles for CACJ Flash!Nuggets as a contributing author and long-time member. Flash!Nuggets is a weekly publication published by the CACJ (California Attorneys for Criminal Justice) which focuses on legal topics and information and is distributed to CACJ members who are peers in the legal community.

In addition to authoring publications for James Publishing and CACJ’s Flash!Nuggets, Firm owner  David J. Cohen, Esq. has authored a new article in the reputed Daily Journal on the fundamentals of an appeal, taking the reader through the process from appeal preparation through oral argument. The Daily Journal is a reputed news publication for California attorneys providing articles and news relating to various practices of law and related procedures.

Attorney David J. Cohen