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Yesenia L. Ruiz


Ms. Yesenia L. Ruiz joins Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC’s administrative team as a receptionist. You will find Ms. Ruiz at the front desk with a warm greeting when you arrive, ready to assist with any questions and calls you may have. Yesenia L. Ruiz is a Bay Area native born to immigrant parents. Ms. Ruiz takes pride in helping those in need and strives to do her very best in exceeding client expectations.

As Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC’s receptionist, Ms. Yesenia L. Ruiz enjoys interacting with clients and working in various aspects of the firm each day. Prior to joining our team, Ms. Yesenia L. Ruiz worked for a worker’s compensation firm where she handled day-to-day tasks such as scheduling, organization of case files, and most importantly, facilitating attorney-client relationships. Ms. Ruiz is also fluent in Spanish, providing our Spanish-speaking clients with more opportunities to better communicate with regard to their matters.

Since Ms. Ruiz’s employment with Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, she has happily taken on new sets of responsibilities and skills in addition to being an exceptional receptionist. Ms. Yesenia L. Ruiz is excited to be part of the administrative team at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, and aims to continue her education in Criminal Law.

Receptionist (Dublin Office)-Yesenia L. Ruiz