Bail Information and Options

If you are unable to post bail due to financial or other reasons, it is imperative you contact an experienced Bay Area criminal attorney to assist you in exploring the many options you have. The team of attorneys here at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC are well versed in helping our clients get their bail reduced, and often eliminated completely.

What is Bail?

You might be wondering what exactly is bail? Bail is a sum of money the court requires a defendant to pay together with a promise to appear in court for the duration of the case in order to get released out of jail. The bail amount is set by the judge and can be set at any amount the judge deems sufficient to ensure the defendant appears at all court dates.

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What are My Options for Bail?

There are many bail options available, including the California Supreme Court’s recent decision to completely eliminate cash bail for some defendants on the sole basis of their ability to pay. Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC has decades of experience helping clients get their bail reduced and oftentimes eliminated using a variety of methods.

If financial resources are limited, the use of a bail bondsman is one tried and true method for helping a loved one get released from custody. The attorneys at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC have a long history of working with local bondsman to assist our clients in getting bonds reduced from 10% to as little as 7%. If payment of the bond is still a challenge financially, the bail bondsmen will often negotiate payment plans with even less than the required percentage as a down payment, even at a bond rate of 7% (or higher).

If the use of a bondsman is not an option, Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC can work with you in posting a property bond. A property bond is a cash free option that requires the defendant use a property to post bond in lieu of cash. This process requires a substantial amount of paperwork and coordination, so it is important to speak with an attorney experienced with property bonds, like the team at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC when determining if this is the right option for you.

A great way to have your bail reduced or even eliminated is with a bail hearing, which our seasoned attorneys routinely investigate. A bail hearing is when the judge determines whether to allow a defendant to post bail and be released from jail for the duration of their case. The attorneys at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC have been able to help our client’s get their bail reduced or completely eliminated using bail hearings. Bail hearings are very case specific, so it is important to make sure you speak to an attorney about the details of your matter before exploring this option. The attorneys here at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC are available 24hours a day, seven days a week to answer your bail questions and assist you with your matter.

Who Should I Talk to About My Bail?

Determining what bail option is right for you depends on many factors that are specific to you and your case. There is also a short window of time that one has if they decide to exercise one of the options for posting bail, so time is of the essence. Whatever your choice may be for posting bail, you should always consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney such as the attorneys here at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC before deciding what option, if any, work best for you.

If you are charged with a white collar offense, murder, felony strikes, a violent crime, a serious sexual offense, or your case is more complex or serious than the average case, your bail options may be limited. It is always best to schedule a free consultation with an experienced attorney about your bail issue based on your specific circumstances.


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