Alameda County Santa Rita Jail and Bail Information

Information regarding jail release and bail for the Alameda County jail system or Santa Rita jail:

At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC. We realize that family members and loved ones with someone incarcerated in the Alameda County jail system or Santa Rita jail want to know how to have their loved ones released from the jail as soon as possible.

Bail is an issue many are usually unfamiliar with. We can help you by providing information about how to post bail, contact a good bail bondsman, and why it may be to your advantage to speak with a criminal defense attorney before you take any action to secure bail.

Alameda Jail and Bail Release Information


Essentially, bail is money that is paid as a type of “guarantee” that the inmate will show up for any and all scheduled court proceedings or hearings. The person who posts bail for an inmate will not get his or her money returned if the inmate does not show up for a court proceeding. Many times, inmates and their attorney may request a bail hearing. In these hearings, the judge may reduce the amount of bail requested by the prosecutor, or even release the incarcerated on his/her own recognizance (ROR). By contacting a bail bondsman for jail release, you may be spending money unnecessarily.

Bail bondsmen generally charge 10% to 15% of the bail as their fee, an amount which is not refundable. When you hire an attorney, the bail premium can be lowered to 8%, or, in some cases, to 7% – because bail bondsmen are permitted to charge lower premiums to clients who hire attorneys. An experienced lawyer can guide you through the bail/jail release process, and possibly have bail reduced or eliminated.

Here is more information regarding jail/bail release for the Alameda County jail system:

  • Before requesting information regarding release dates, bail amount, etc. you should have the inmates PFN or personal file number, name, and correct date of birth.
  • To have the incarcerated released from jail when he/she is eligible, bail may be posted 24 hours/day, 7 days a week in the lobby of the Santa Rita Jail.
  • It can take up to several hours for an inmate to be released once bail is posted, so it’s recommended that you not come to the jail before receiving a call from the inmate.
  • All required paperwork must be completed by the inmate once granted jail release before inmate is free to go. The inmate will complete this paperwork at the Santa Rita jail.
  • Inmates who have no money or inadequate clothing for weather conditions will be provided with welfare clothing and provided a free bus pass or B.A.R.T. ticket along with transportation schedules.
Further Information

Alameda County | Santa Rita Jail

The Santa Rita Jail is located at: 5325 Broder Blvd. Dublin, CA 9456

To obtain information regarding bail amounts, jail release, court dates, charges and more, call 1-925-551-6500

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