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Jason T. Campbell on the Recent Dismissal of Homicide Charges:

May 15, 2018June 4th, 2018Criminal Law News, News

A note from our attorney Jason T. Campbell, Esq.

Last week, BACL had the tremendous satisfaction of seeing one of our clients released from custody after spending approximately 20 months in county jail facing a charge of first-degree murder with special circumstances—a charge that, if convicted, would have resulted in a mandatory life-without-parole sentence.

Through the actions of other individuals, our client was unwittingly thrust into a criminal investigation surrounding a robbery and murder that occurred in 2014. Using various evidentiary sources, including cell tower data, video recordings, consultation with expert witnesses, and DNA analysis, we were able to show that our client was nowhere near the scene of the murder at the time it occurred and could not have participated in it.

Since the beginning of the case, BACL lawyers have been proclaiming our client’s innocence and challenging the investigatory actions of the police, the decisions of the prosecutors, and the rulings of the courts. Finally, our hard work paid off. After more than a year of consistently applying pressure on the system, the District Attorney acknowledged that our client was not involved in the robbery/murder and dismissed the case. We are happy to report that our client is now back at home with his family members, all of whom were equally instrumental in achieving this victory because of their unwavering love and support for their wrongfully accused family member.

Not only is this case a harrowing manifestation of the deep flaws in our criminal justice system, it serves as a reminder of the importance of our work. Without a thorough and vigorous defense capable of dispelling the misperceptions and biases that often infect criminal proceedings, the potential for wrongful convictions remains a very real threat. We appreciate the confidence that our client and his family had in our work, and we are proud that we were able to bring about a positive and just conclusion to a frighteningly unjust chapter in their lives.