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Client Charged with Possession of Child Pornography Received No Custody Time and Straight Probation!

April 14, 2021June 3rd, 2021Cases and Results, Criminal Defense, News

Alameda County, East County Hall of Justice

Attorney Clint C. Christoffersen represented a client out of Alameda County, East County Hall of Justice (Dublin) facing multiple charges of Possession of Child Pornography under California Penal Code Section 311.11 and a potential sentence of 5 years state prison. Mr. Christoffersen was able to have a count charged under subsection 311.11 completely dismissed. Our client received NO CUSTODY TIME and straight probation thanks to the dedication and zealous defense put on by Mr. Christoffersen and the team at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC.

Clint C. Christoffersen is one of the experienced staff attorneys at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC  handling child pornography cases and other criminal matters including criminal assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, healthcare fraud, gang enhancements and other violent crimes in Bay Area courts, especially in San Francisco County and Alameda County.

If you or someone you know is facing child pornography charges in the Bay Area, it’s extremely important to hire an experienced  Bay Area attorney, such as Mr. Christoffersen, who has the knowledge and expertise to handle such matters.

Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC has two Bay Area offices located in San Francisco and Dublin, California and offer free consultations 24/7, as well as reasonable fees.

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