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BACL Welcomes 2023 Summer Clerks

May 16, 2023May 18th, 2023BACL News, News

Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC welcomes our 2023 Summer Law Clerks who are slated to begin their clerkships in a couple of weeks. Every year, Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC participates in multiple OCI (On Campus Interviews) at various prestigious law schools to find candidates who are passionate about criminal defense to join our firm’s summer clerkship program.  This year we are delighted to have found two outstanding candidates from the University of San Francisco, School of Law.

For those who are not familiar with what a law clerk is, a law clerk is a law student who performs certain legal tasks under the direct supervision of the firm’s attorneys including independent legal research and analysis, drafting orders and memoranda, sometimes providing legal recommendations, and accompanying the firm’s attorneys at various court hearings in order to gain hands-on experience. Law clerks also provide clerical and office administrative assistance to the firm’s attorneys and related legal work as assigned.

Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC believes mentoring law students and providing them with a hands-on approach to the legal field facilitates their growth in the legal profession. We look forward to working with our 2023 summer law clerks in the weeks ahead.

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2023 Summer Clerks