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June 6, 2018Practice Areas

What is Murder?

There are many types of murder charges that may be leveled against an individual. Premeditated, accidental, murder in self-defense, conspiracy to murder, first and second degree – all are serious charges. If you do not take quick action in hiring a murder defense lawyer, you may be facing years to life behind bars, along with other harsh penalties. Our murder defense attorneys are fully capable of defending your rights, and providing you with unparalleled legal representation.

Whether the right course of action is to go to trial or accept a plea bargain, your attorney can help guide you through a complex process at what is likely the most frightening time of your life. Whether guilty or innocent of the charges against you, it is critical that you have a capable murder defense lawyer to protect you and provide you with a strong and effective defense. We take each case personally, getting intensely involved in every aspect in order to secure a favorable outcome.

If you have been charged with murder, it is imperative that you seek the legal guidance of a skilled murder defense attorney right away. At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC our murder defense lawyers have the skill and expertise necessary to secure the best possible outcome. Without benefit of a capable attorney, you face extremely serious consequences.

Why is it essential that you hire an experienced murder defense attorney? Those who have represented many clients understand how prosecutors work, and how to scrutinize all of the evidence from the physical to DNA. A seasoned attorney will investigate the details surrounding your arrest, examine evidence, gage the reliability of potential witnesses and determine whether police were in violation of your rights. Our murder defense lawyers know how to poke holes in the prosecutor’s case and discover any weaknesses that may work to your advantage.

Without a skilled lawyer to represent you, it is very likely that you will face much of your future behind bars. You could be sentenced to life in prison, and may be subject to steep fines and a permanent criminal record. It is important that you seek the services of a trusted murder defense lawyer who will be straightforward with you and explain what you can expect throughout the process.

At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC we understand that being charged with murder is extremely frightening, and puts your future at stake. Those living in the California areas surrounding San Francisco and Oakland can depend on our murder defense attorneys for outstanding legal representation and a vigorous approach. We fight hard for our clients, using all of our skill and in-depth understanding of the law. Let us provide you with the strongest possible defense.