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New California Record-clearing Law

A new California record-clearing law is set to take effect in July of next year (2023) making it one of the most expansive laws surrounding record-clearing in the United States. This new law will automatically seal arrest records and convictions for those who successfully completed their sentences and have not been convicted of a felony for at least four years. This law will also include clearing arrest records not leading to convictions. As with most expansive laws such as this one, there are certain limitations in the law’s application in that records will not be cleared for convictions related to serious or violent felonies, or for convictions requiring sex offender registration.

Though some oppose the expansiveness of this law, many prison reform advocates argue that the ability to have old criminal arrest and conviction records cleared will allow the recipient to have better job opportunities and preclude them from discrimination based on their criminal history.

If you or someone you know needs help determining what your options are to have criminal arrest records and convictions removed from your record before the new California record-clearing law takes effect, the attorneys at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC offer free initial consultations as well as reasonable fees and financing options to help you get the best outcome possible. Our attorneys are available to discuss your specific situation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also have three Bay Area office locations located in San Francisco, Dublin,  and Redwood City, California to meet your needs.

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California Record Clearing Law