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Client Charged with 3 Strikes Walks Away With No Strikes and No Custody Time in Contra Costa County

August 18, 2021November 23rd, 2021Cases and Results, Criminal Defense, News

Contra Costa County

A client was charged out of Contra Costa County with 3 felony charges of assaulting a peace officer which was charged as 3 strikes, and a felony charge for resisting arrest. With the original charges, client faced a potential sentence of 3 strikes and 8 years, 4 months in state prison. Attorney Clint C. Christoffersen fought arduously on behalf of our client and was able to not only get a plea deal for 1 felony count of assaulting a peace officer, 1  felony count of resisting arrest, NO STRIKES, 3 years supervised probation, and NO CUSTODY TIME!

Attorney Clint C. Christoffersen and our team of experienced defense attorneys at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC  are equipped to handle your matter from felony strike cases, assault, violent crimes, white-collar crimes, and post-conviction relief, to misdemeanors.

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