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City of Oakland Set to Launch Operation Ceasefire; Will it Work to Control Violence on Oakland’s Streets?

August 30, 2012June 4th, 2018Criminal Defense, Oakland

Unfortunately, Oakland has become an area known for the high crime rate. A haven for murder, drug dealing, gang violence and sex trafficking, the city is once again considering an anti-crime program called Ceasefire.

Three years ago the subject of launching an anti-crime program was broached, but it failed to meet with success as the city failed to follow through with penalties intended for offenders who did not abide by the rules. Now, it’s time to try once again to launch the program created by David Kennedy, director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control at John Jay College in New York. The program has been successful in helping lower the crime rate in New York for the past 20 years.

How does Operation Ceasefire work? News reports state that “street bosses” are brought together and are to call the shots when crime or violence breaks out; when those instigating trouble fail to “cool it,” they get the book thrown at them. Essentially, those who participate in crime are offered job training and education in exchange for putting their guns away.

David Kennedy says it’s actually not that difficult to correct the problem of criminal activity or violence. According to Kennedy, “You sit the gang members down and you say ‘your community needs to stop. We want to help you.'” At this point, the next gang that is responsible for a murder gets officials’ complete attention.

While the lure of jobs and education was used in the first attempt to implement Ceasefire, officials say this time around it will be different. Those who commit violent crimes will go to prison, a message that’s being pushed vigorously in order to curb the violence in Oakland. Criminal activity will not be tolerated.

News reports claim that the program has worked very well in New York, decreasing violence across many cities including Stockton, in which the crime rate decreased by 43% between 1998 and 2001.

Will Operation Ceasefire be successful this time in Oakland? Hopefully so. Oakland criminal defense lawyers understand the havoc and loss of life that can occur in cities where gang violence and other criminal activity is high.

If you have been arrested for gang violence, a sex offense, murder or drug offense, consult with a skilled and aggressive Oakland criminal defense attorney right away. It is critical that your lawyer can begin work on your case early on for the best outcome.