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Congratulations to New 2023 CACJ Board of Governors Member, Firm Owner David J. Cohen!

January 18, 2023January 25th, 2023BACL News, News

Congratulations to new 2023 CACJ Board of Governors Member, firm owner David J. Cohen! Members of CACJ’s Board of Governors work to effect legislation through committees to protect the constitutional rights of those accused and help keep the CACJ organization running.

Firm owner David J. Cohen, Esq. has been an active and long-time member of CACJ for over twenty years. In addition, Mr. Cohen is also a CACJ Flash!Nuggets contributing author, writing legal articles in CACJ’s weekly publication which focuses on legal topics and information and is distributed to CACJ members who are peers in the legal community.

In addition to his contributions to the legal community, firm owner and senior attorney David J. Cohen, Esq. takes the lead on the firm’s cases with more than three decades of experience handling federal narcotics casesaiding and abetting matters, forfeiture matters, and cases, whether state or federal, involving immigration consequences. David J. Cohen, Esq. and the team of attorneys at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC are no strangers to having their clients’ charges dismissed and vigorously defending their rights at all levels of the criminal justice system resulting in successful resolutions like the one in this case.

To learn more about firm owner David J. Cohen, Esq., click here.

New CACJ Board of Governor Member David J. Cohen