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Drug Cultivation

Drug cultivation or manufacturing includes anything related to preparing, harvesting, growing or any type of creation of a controlled substance. This may include methamphetamine labs and marijuana houses or any operations that are meant to cultivate drugs. The “war on drugs” continues to grow as Federal and State law enforcement agencies crack down on offenders; you need a capable defense lawyer who will do whatever it takes to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

When you have been accused of drug manufacturing or cultivation, it is a serious offense with severe consequences if convicted. At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, our dedicated team of criminal defense lawyers fight vigorously to protect your rights and freedom. Many people assume that nothing can be done, and that they have no choice but to face the consequences. A skilled defense attorney can often have charges against you dropped, or at least reduced significantly.

As a prominent criminal defense law firm, we investigate thoroughly and provide an aggressive defense for our clients. We realize that there are many issues that may work to your benefit, including whether investigators, prosecutors and officer acted properly. Some questions to consider include whether police had probable cause to obtain a search warrant, and whether any informants who gave information about you were reliable. Our team of criminal defense attorneys realize that some individuals do grow legal medical marijuana, and that police often harass these operations.

It is essential that you become involved in your own fate early on. At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, we may be able to avoid charges being filed. You need effective legal counsel to evaluate your case thoroughly and to conduct an independent investigation when necessary to uncover illegal procedures by law enforcement and other details that may be essential in supporting your case. You will find no other San Francisco criminal defense lawyers who are as knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled in what they do, or as dedicated to protecting your rights as you will find with our firm.

You can expect maximum penalties to be sought by prosecutors in California due to the fact that certain areas of the state are a hot spot for drug trafficking and importation. Cultivating or manufacturing of drugs is no different – you are facing serious implications to your future and freedom. If you care about your future, contact a dedicated San Francisco criminal defense attorney at once. Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, will help you avoid the harsh penalties that frequently come with being convicted of drug crimes.