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Driving Under the Influence

Charges of DUI are serious; in fact, driving under the influence is a criminal offense. At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, we know how seriously a DUI conviction can impact your life. Not only are you facing possible jail time and heavy fines, your insurance rates may skyrocket and you will likely lose your driving rights. It is essential that you contact one of our DUI lawyers immediately in order to protect your rights and your freedom. The sooner you do, the sooner an experienced attorney can begin working on how to best protect your future. Our team of skilled San Francisco based DUI attorneys know how to use the laws regarding DUI to your advantage.

Unfortunately, many people who are charged with driving under the influence assume there is nothing they can do about it. Whether you are guilty or innocent, you deserve a second chance. A reputable DUI attorney will examine all of the evidence and challenge it vigorously. In the best case scenario, the charges against you may be dropped completely. If you do not realize the negative impact that being convicted of driving under the influence can have on your life, our experienced DUI lawyers will explain everything to you and what can be done to protect you.

At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, we realize that you may have many questions. Did the police officer have a legitimate reason for pulling you over? Were all tests that were administered accurate and reliable? Our DUI attorneys know that breath tests are not always accurate, and that police officers do not always follow proper protocol. We will examine all written reports, any videos of the stop and determine whether law enforcement had just cause to arrest you. A conviction for driving under the influence can ruin your reputation, causing your to lose your job. You need a compassionate DUI lawyer to represent your rights from the very beginning, and we advise you not to give statements or answer questions without the presence of your attorney.

With every conviction penalties become more harsh. Even if the charges against you cannot be eliminated, they may be significantly reduced if you have a skilled DUI attorney by your side. Today, driving under the influence is an offense that has been under the microscope and highly criticized in the media. We believe that many arrests are made in which a police officer may “jump the gun”, such as when they arrest someone simply because there are empty containers in the vehicle or they smell alcohol, but a breath test is not actually performed. Our DUI lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable; our proven track record for reaching a favorable verdict for our clients demonstrates our skills and ability.

Never think that’s “just the way it is”, and that you have to suffer the consequences of a DUI arrest. With a skilled DUI lawyer on your team, your future can look much brighter. If you a are in the San Francisco, San Jose, or Oaklnd and surrounding areas, contact Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, today and rest assured you have a team of dedicated professionals who will protect your rights.