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June 6, 2018Practice Areas

Expungement: We can help you clear your criminal record

You want your criminal record cleared, but you do not know how to go about it. That is exactly why you need a capable expungement attorney who is skilled and knowledgeable in this often complex area of the law. You know that having a criminal record impacts your future in a negative way; you may not be able to find work.

There are so many questions when it comes to expungement. Were you placed on probation? Did you plead guilty or no contest to an offense? Have you since been convicted of a new offense? Was your felony violation reduced to a misdemeanor? Some felony violations can be filed as a misdemeanor depending on circumstances; such violations are often known as “wobblers”. In the case of misdemeanor expungements, there are several factors that may come in to play. At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, we understand that the whole issue of expungement is confusing for most people.

When you are looking to have a criminal offense expunged from your record, it is important that you consult with a lawyer who is experienced in this area of the law. At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, our San Francisco based expungement attorneys are skilled and knowledgeable, ready to do whatever they can to help. There are two types of expungements, misdemeanor and felony. When you have been convicted of a misdemeanor, it will stay on your criminal record forever unless expunged. In the case of a felony conviction, expungement is much easier particularly if you were granted probation. A competent San Francisco expungement attorney can discuss the possibilities with you, and determine the best course of action.

Expungement can seem like a complex issue to someone who is not educated in this area of the law. For example, if you were sent to prison on a felony conviction, expungement is not possible but there are other possibilities you may want to consider. A good expungement lawyer can explain to you what the options are, and work diligently on your behalf to obtain the best possible outcome.

If you are eligible for expungement, there is certain information the court will want to know, and there are some steps that will need to be taken so that an attorney can file a motion or petition on your behalf. Our experienced San Francisco expungement lawyers will walk you through the process to ensure that the desired outcome is obtained.

At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, we understand that you need the assistance of a dedicated expungement lawyer who can get the job done. Trust us with your legal needs, and rest assured that we will work tirelessly to obtain the best possible outcome on your behalf.