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What is Forgery?

Many things are considered forgery, including counterfeiting, forgery of real estate transactions or wills, altering contracts, falsifying documents, fraudulent bank statements and even writing a bad check.

Forgery is a criminal offense that can ruin your life forever, so it is imperative that you consult with a capable criminal defense attorney when you are facing these charges.

You may have done something as simple as writing a bad check that you were not aware was bad when you wrote it, or you may have done something much more serious.

Forgery is serious business; you could be facing hefty fines, time in prison and a criminal record that will impact your life. At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, our skilled San Francisco-based forgery lawyers work aggressively to protect your rights, freedom and reputation.

At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, we realize that most individuals are frightened when facing these types of accusations or charges, and don’t know where to turn or what to do. Our skilled criminal defense lawyers will discuss the charges and the possible implications; they will also work with you to develop the most effective strategy to secure your freedom. While having all charges against you dropped is the number one priority, when that is not possible we will work aggressively to minimize the charges and penalties you are facing.