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Helpful Resources for Someone Arrested in San Jose

October 21, 2016June 4th, 2018Criminal Defense, San Jose

If someone you know has been arrested in San Jose, it can be extremely confusing as to where they are being detained due to the fact that San Jose falls within Santa Clara County. As a result, one must contact the Santa Clara County Department of Corrections to find out about someone who was arrested in San Jose. When you are quickly trying to find out information about a recent arrest, every minute matters . So, our team at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC would like to provide you with some helpful information for finding or locating someone arrested or detained in San Jose

Similar to other county jails and sheriff’s departments, the Santa Clara County Department of Corrections has their own list of helpful links about visiting and contacting them. However, to save you time trying to navigate and find the right phone numbers or links, we have listed the most common phone numbers and links for obtaining information for someone arrested or detained in San Jose.

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