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Juvenile Law

June 6, 2018Practice Areas

What is Juvenile law?

Juvenile law applies to individuals who are under 18 years old, and who have been accused of crimes such as drug possession, assault and battery, car theft, armed robbery and other criminal offenses.

When your child is arrested for a crime, it’s natural to have many questions. Will he/she be put in jail? How will it affect your child’s education, and will he/she have a criminal record? A compassionate San Francisco juvenile defense attorney can answer any questions you may have, as well as explain the charges, the process and what action may be taken to protect your child.

At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, our skilled San Francisco-based juvenile defense lawyers use their expertise to protect the rights and freedom of juveniles. If your child has been accused of or charged with a crime and is under 18 years of age, you need an experienced San Francisco criminal defense attorney on your side.

Not all lawyers have the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully represent juveniles. Our dedicated San Francisco juvenile defense attorneys have in-depth knowledge of the rules and procedures that pertain to Juvenile Court; it is important that the attorney you choose is experienced in this area in order to obtain the best possible outcome. A competent San Francisco criminal defense lawyer will have an enhanced level of expertise and skill in the area of juvenile defense, which is necessary in order to secure your child’s future and freedom.

At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, our qualified San Francisco criminal defense attorneys understand your concerns. We work with the Juvenile Courts, prosecutors and family members to minimize the impact to your child’s future, and to find possible alternatives to the charges they may face.

When your child has been arrested for or accused of a criminal offense, it is essential that you consult with a reputable San Francisco criminal defense lawyer at once. The quicker we can begin to work on the details of your child’s case, the better the chances are that we can minimize the impact to your family’s life. No one wants their child to face jail time or to have their reputation ruined. Our skilled team of San Francisco criminal defense lawyers place their focus on providing the best possible defense for each individual case.

There are other options that can be addressed so that you child can avoid incarceration. A capable San Francisco criminal defense attorney will work to determine if alternatives such as community service, weekend workhouse or electronic monitoring may be a better option; we work tirelessly to ensure that your child has a chance for rehabilitation rather than punishment.

Contact our experienced team of San Francisco criminal defense lawyers today. By choosing Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, you are placing your child’s future in the most capable hands.