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Oakland Mistrial

February 12, 2019December 14th, 2022Criminal Defense, Criminal Law News, Oakland

A mistrial was declared in a homicide trial that stemmed from a fatal shooting that took place near a party in East Oakland in 2017 as reported by East Bay Times.

After three days of deliberation by a 12-person jury, all 12 jurors voted in favor of guilt, but not all determined the guilt was beyond a reasonable doubt-the standard for a criminal conviction. Since all 12 jurors could not provide a unanimous decision, a mistrial was declared.

A mistrial happens when a trial is terminated prior to reaching a verdict. There are several grounds for moving for a mistrial including: Prosecutorial misconduct; Jury misconduct and jury deadlock (when a unanimous decision cannot be made by the jury with regard to a defendant’s guilt); Jury’s inability to reach a verdict due to a physical cause or illness beyond the court’s control; and Erroneous admission of incurably prejudicial evidence, among other reasons.

Both prosecution and defense counsel can move for a mistrial. If a mistrial is declared, there are several things that can happen: the prosecution can dismiss the charges, a plea bargain or agreement can be made, or a new trial is set.

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