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Oakland Police Arrest Suspected Gunman in First Friday Shooting

February 11, 2013June 4th, 2018Criminal Defense, Oakland

In what was believed to be the first time deadly violence had taken place in First Friday’s seven year history, one person was killed and three others injured.  News reports indicate that an 18-year-old man lost his life when gunshots rang out at the First Friday event on February 1st.  Now, a suspect has been arrested in the fatal shooting although his name has not been released pending filing of charges by the Alameda County District Attorney’s office.

First Friday is an event designed to highlight Oakland’s creative resurgence, although organizers and those who attended the function are now left wondering about its future.  Mercury News indicated that the shooting occurred just as the event was winding down.

Kiante Campbell was fatally shot; his friend, a 17-year-old male from Oakland, was injured in the gunfire.  Other victims who sustained gunshot wounds include a 29-year-old San Francisco woman, and a 24-year-old Oakland woman.  Oakland police said that the female victims were struck as they walked nearby, but were not involved in the confrontation which led to the shooting.

Campbell and a group he was with allegedly got involved in a confrontation with another group of individuals in the parking lot, according to Officer Jason Andersen.  Gunfire rang out in the Uptown district between 20th and 21st streets in a beauty supply business parking lot at approximately 10:50 p.m.  Andersen said that at the time of the shooting, it was not clear what the confrontation was about.

In a written statement by Mayor Jean Quan, she said that she was “deeply saddened” by the shooting.  Quan also stated that beginning last October, police presence and private security were increased at the festival because of increasing popularity, but that “we can and must do better.”

News reports contained no other information regarding the suspect; it is likely that more details will be forthcoming in the following days.

Violent crimes involving weapons and/or leading to the death of others will leave an individual facing severe criminal penalties if convicted.  However, Oakland violent crime lawyers know that no matter how serious the charges, a strong, effective defense can improve the outcome.

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