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Post Conviction Remedy

June 6, 2018Practice Areas

What is Post Conviction Remedy?

When you have been convicted of a crime, in some cases it is possible to lessen the penalty by asking for a post conviction remedy to be applied to your sentence. Usually involving even a minor violation of your rights, often this is overlooked, and you may be entitled to a lesser penalty than you were sentenced to.

When you are convicted of a crime, it is essential that you take swift action in order to avoid the consequences of that conviction. Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, is an appellate law firm in San Francisco dedicated to protecting you from the often harsh penalties imposed on those who are convicted of a crime. Our team of skilled San Francisco post-conviction remedies lawyers will work aggressively to protect your future and secure your freedom.

Whether you plead guilty or were found guilty at trial, there is still a chance to get better results. You may feel that you did not receive a fair trial, or you may have agreed to a plea bargain and feel that you have made a mistake in doing so. Our competent San Francisco criminal defense attorneys are knowledgeable about post-conviction remedies; our skills and extensive background allow us to counsel our clients and challenge the results often handed off by lower courts.

We understand that being convicted of a crime puts you under a considerable amount of stress and worry. You are anxious about your future, and may feel that you have been wrongly convicted or that the sentence was too harsh. As an experienced appellate law firm, Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, is prepared to file a motion to withdraw your guilty plea or even to file a motion for a new trial. Mistakes are made in courts, during the legal process and even by jury’s. When you feel that the conviction is unjust, contact a compassionate San Francisco post-conviction remedies attorney to discuss all possible options.

Whether you were convicted of murder, a white collar crime, theft, a misdemeanor or any criminal offense, it is essential that you consult with an experienced San Francisco criminal defense lawyer. Hiring an attorney with little experience will prove detrimental to the outcome. These are complex issues that require the skill and knowledge of an attorney with a long record of success in post-conviction remedies. Not all lawyers are knowledgeable in these types of procedures. Our expert team of San Francisco criminal defense lawyers realize that the procedures that govern post-conviction remedies and appeals are in no way similar to those procedures followed in trial court.

We realize that a conviction can never be completed erased from your life with the continued growth of technology today, but limiting the impact to your life in the future is absolutely possible. Effective legal representation is often helpful in lessening the consequences of a conviction. Being convicted of a crime affects your reputation, your career, and even your future employment opportunities.

If you are in search of post-conviction remedies, contact a qualified San Francisco criminal defense attorney you can trust. Contact Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, today for a free consultation.