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June 6, 2018Practice Areas

What is Prostitution?

There are several areas related to prostitution, including solicitation of prostitution and pandering. Whether you were actually providing the services (engaging in sexual acts for pay), or soliciting (you were the one paying for the sexual services), your reputation could face ruin, and your freedom is at stake. A reputable San Francisco prostitution defense lawyer will discuss the charges with you in order to determine what defenses or alternative plan of action will best protect your future.

Repeat offenders face harsher penalties; in fact, if you have been convicted prior on prostitution or solicitation of prostitution, California imposes mandatory jail time. A skilled San Francisco criminal defense attorney is often capable of spotting weaknesses in the evidence brought by the state; a talented lawyer can often work out a resolution that is in the favor of the client.

There are many undercover methods pertaining to prostitution that may include sting operations, prostitution ring breakups, and online sex through websites offering “companionship” services. Law enforcement cracks down hard on prostitution today. If you have been arrested for prostitution or soliciting sex, it is imperative that you speak with the competent San Francisco criminal defense lawyers at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC. We realize that each case is unique, but we also know that there are various defenses depending on the evidence brought against you. We will work aggressively to counter any and all evidence brought by prosecutors.

In cases involving prostitution of solicitation of prostitution, prosecutors may try to prove their case by providing recordings made during a sting operation; if you are accused of solicitation but have no money on your person, the prosecution will have a hard time proving their case. Our team of San Francisco prostitution defense attorneys not only know how to defend your rights, we understand how the prosecution works which is essential in achieving a good outcome for our clients.

Prostitution is an act that can bring severe punishment if you are convicted. You may serve time in jail, face fines, counseling, community service, probation and even lose your job if your work involves being licensed. At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, our San Francisco prostitution attorneys work aggressively to protect your rights and freedom. When you have been accused of or arrested for this crime that falls under the category of disorderly conduct, consult with a skilled San Francisco criminal defense lawyer immediately.

According to the law, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Our team of qualified San Francisco criminal defense attorneys know that the prosecution has the burden of proving your guilt; we provide a vigorous and aggressive