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What is Robbery?

When you attempt to take property by force or threat of force from the immediate possession of another person, you are committing the crime of robbery. You do not have to use extreme force in order to be prosecuted. Our robbery lawyers work to protect the legal rights and freedom of our clients, whether innocent or guilty. You may assume that if you are truly innocent, you do not need skilled legal representation. Nothing could be further from the truth; this is when you absolutely need a capable lawyer to provide legal support and guidance.

Robbery is a complex crime; without a competent attorney, your future may be at stake. There are many elements of robbery that make it a somewhat complicated crime to prosecute, and to defend. Our robbery defense lawyers have in-depth understanding of robbery laws; our experience helps us give our clients an edge in legal proceedings.

How does a prosecutor attempt to prove your guilt? He must prove that the defendant took property that did not belong to him/her. Additionally, the prosecutor must prove that the property taken was in the immediate possession of another person, that it was taken against the owner’s will, the property was taken by force and that in the using of force or intimidation to take the property, the accused purposefully meant to deprive the owner of the property permanently.

There are many defenses that a skilled robbery defense lawyer may use to defend the client. One defense is that the accused did not have the intention of taking property prior to or at the time that force or intimidation was used. The robbery defense lawyers at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC have the skill, experience and vigorous approach necessary to provide clients with an effective defense.

At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC our robbery attorneys are dedicated to securing a favorable outcome for those charged with this criminal offense. Robbery is a crime that subjects the accused to severe penalties if convicted. If you have been arrested, it is critical that you consult with an experienced robbery lawyer right away.

If you live in California and have been accused of or arrested for robbery, contact us today for exceptional legal representation. Our robbery defense attorneys will work with you personally to ensure that your rights are protected, and that you get the best legal guidance available.