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San Jose Man Arrested for Death of Toddler

August 30, 2012June 4th, 2018Criminal Defense, San Jose

Recently, 38-year-old Alejandro Benitez of San Jose was arrested for the death of a 17-month-old toddler. The child he is accused of murdering was in the care of Benitez’ girlfriend, according to authorities.

On April 11, paramedics were called to a residence in the 2100 block of Mendota Way following reports of a child in distress. When ambulance paramedics and firefighters arrived at the home, the toddler was unresponsive according to news reports. The toddler was pronounced dead after being transported to San Jose’s Regional Medical Center.

After being notified of the toddler’s death, the Homicide Unit of the San Jose Police Department began an investigation and found that the toddler was in the care of a babysitter at her home when the homicide took place. Benitez was allegedly the boyfriend of the babysitter. He was arrested and placed in the Santa Clara County Mail Jail where he remained in custody on $500,000 bail following his arrest. Benitez was booked on suspicion of Homicide with Special Circumstances.

This was San Jose’s eighth killing in the month of August, the 32nd so far for 2012. At this same time in 2011, 27 homicides had been reported. The homicide rate continues to climb in San Jose; according to John Robb, vice president of the San Jose Police Officers Association, there are too few officers and those that they do have are difficult to retain due to pay cuts. Robb said that in the past 18 months, approximately 100 officers had resigned.

The case was still under investigation last week, and police were urging anyone with information to contact the San Jose Police Department, Homicide Investigations Unit at (408) 947-7867.

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