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San Jose Man Could Face ‘Three Strikes’ Sentencing if Convicted in Savage Downtown Beating Case

February 21, 2013June 4th, 2018Criminal Defense, San Jose

A 54-year-old San Jose man, Edward Leo Brown, was arrested on February 19 for a savage beating that occurred in the downtown area last week.  Brown allegedly attempted to steal a woman’s purse, beating her and then attacking a woman who attempted to come to her defense, according to news reports at Mercury News.

Brown is currently being held without bail in the Santa Clara County Jail; he was booked on suspicion of felony battery, robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon.  Media reports indicate that Brown has a lengthy criminal past and may be sentenced to life in prison if convicted in accordance with California’s Three Strikes Law.

On the night on February 11, the alleged victim was walking home in the area of East Santa Clara and North Ninth streets when she was approached from behind and struck in the back of her head.  Police say that after she fell to the ground, Brown did not let up and continued to attack her by beating her in the face.  Police stated Brown “grabbed the victim’s head and bashed it into the concrete sidewalk and pulled the victim’s purse away from her.”

A good Samaritan heard the woman’s screams for help and attempted to pull Brown away; once she had his attention, he allegedly punched her in the face repeatedly.  Eventually, another person intervened, taking the woman’s purse away from Brown, who then fled.  Police began an investigation which led to the arrest of Brown at his home on George Street two days later.

News reports state that Brown has received two strikes for crimes in the past, one in 1988 when he drove a vehicle into a group of individuals striking one of them, and another in 1990 when he broke his employer’s nose and eye socket after punching him for being fired from his job as a drywall installer.  Over a 30-year time span Brown has served four prison sentences for various offenses including DUI, battery, and assault with a deadly weapon.

San Jose criminal defense attorneys understand that criminal penalties for violent crimes in California are extremely harsh; individuals who are sentenced under the Three Strikes law face up to life in prison if the third offense is considered a strike, or serious felony offense.  While the law has recently changed following the passing of the Three Strikes Reform Act of 2012, penalties are still extremely harsh.

If you have been arrested for any serious or violent crime including assault with a deadly weapon, do not hesitate before seeking sound legal guidance.  Contact a capable and aggressive San Jose criminal defense lawyer at once; your attorney will work to protect your legal rights and freedom, exploring all defense options to reach the best possible outcome on your behalf.