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Spring Clean Your Record

April 21, 2017February 12th, 2019Criminal Defense, Oakland, San Mateo

In welcoming the first day of Spring, most people think to clean out their closets, clean out their cars, clean out their offices and well, Spring clean. What most do not think of is cleaning their records. For those who have criminal records with charges that are eligible for expungement, Spring is a perfect time to determine whether your charges can be reduced and/or set aside. Having a criminal record can negatively impact the way you apply for jobs, and even the types of jobs that you are able to apply to. Cleaning your criminal records enables you an easier time filling out forms and job applications by streamlining the information you are required to provide. Each individual case is different, so it is important to contact an experienced criminal attorney to assist you in determining whether expungement is a viable option.

Happy Spring cleaning!

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