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Third Suspect in San Jose Robbery Eludes Police, Two Others Arrested

January 25, 2013June 4th, 2018Criminal Defense

On Monday September 3, two men were arrested by San Jose police after they were suspected of robbing a medical marijuana dispensary at gunpoint. A third suspect allegedly got away on foot according to news reports.

At around 11:00 a.m. on Monday the dispensary located near the 1600 block of Zanker Road in North San Jose was robbed according to police, who said that the suspects drove away from the scene in a white van. Police then went in pursuit of the van, but it did not stop and a chase ensued. Eventually, officers were able to stop the vehicle in the Berryessa area near Ronco Drive and Kenmar Court. Two 17-year-old Sacramento boys were arrested and booked into Santa Clara County’s juvenile hall, but the third suspect fled on foot. Police consider him armed and dangerous, and closed off Kenmar area streets as they continued their search for a time. When they could not locate him, they reopened the streets and called off the search for the day.

News reports claim that the three suspects made off with an undisclosed amount of cash and merchandise after robbing the clinic at gunpoint. The third suspect who remained missing at press time is described to be a Hispanic man in his teens or early 20s. San Jose police believe he has fled the area, but the public is asked to call 911 immediately if the suspect is spotted.

San Jose criminal defense attorneys understand that armed robbery is an extremely serious offense. Penalties for robbery in California depend on whether the dwelling is inhabited, if a defendant commits the act in concert with two or more other individuals, and whether a firearm is used in the commission of the offense. If convicted, individuals may face anywhere from 16 months to nine years in prison, depending upon whether the charge is first-degree, second degree or attempted second-degree burglary.

Juveniles often face the same penalties as adults in some situations. Whether a juvenile or adult, an individual convicted of robbery will have a criminal record that affect his/her life forever. If you have been arrested on any theft-related charges it is in your best interest to consult with an aggressive San Jose criminal defense lawyer right away. Your attorney will take action to protect your rights and have the charges against you dismissed or reduced.