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Woodside Real Estate Investor Faces Trial in Wife’s Murder for Financial Gain

April 17, 2013June 4th, 2018Criminal Defense, Redwood City

In October of 2011, Pooroushasb Parineh was charged with the murder of his wife in what authorities say was an attempt to cash in on her $30 million life insurance policy, which she had set up as a trust fund for the couple’s two children.  Parineh, a real estate investor who according to news reports was broke at the time, claimed that he shot his wife as an act of mercy.  A news article at Mercury News states that he even told his daughter that he fired the deadly shot.

The couple lived in a Woodside mansion.  Parineh claimed that his wife had attempted to commit suicide, telling his 33-year-old daughter that he heard gunshots and went to the couple’s bedroom where he says she had attempted to commit suicide.  The 66-year-old man said that he only tried to carry out his wife’s request.  The incident took place on April 13, 2010; the couple was in enormous debt, their home in foreclosure at the time.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s detective Hector Acosta testified during Parineh’s trial that there was no doubt he murdered his wife.  Acosta said that after being called to the home at approximately 5:20 in the evening, Parineh claimed that he arrived home and found his wife’s lifeless body in the bedroom.  Police say he admitted the couple was having financial issues, but said that the insurance policy was $20 million instead of the actual $31 million it was worth.  The detective testified that according to the position of the body, blood splatter, and other evidence there was no doubt she was murdered.

News reports indicate that Parima Parineh’s $31 million insurance policy was slated to be canceled by the provider after a plaintiff involved in a failed real estate deal with Parineh claimed $2 million of the collateral that backed up the policy.  The policies were scheduled to be canceled at about the same time Parineh’s wife died.

Jury selection for Parineh’s trial was set for Monday April 15.

Redwood City murder defense lawyers know that California subjects those who are convicted of murder to extremely harsh penalties.  The punishment an individual may face depend on a number of factors including whether he or she is charged with first- or second-degree murder, capital murder, voluntary or involuntary manslaughter and more.

It is critical that you contact a skilled Redwood City criminal defense attorney immediately if you are under investigation or have been charged with any murder offense.  You must have capable and aggressive legal support and guidance in order to reach a favorable outcome.