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Defense of Restraining Order Against Client Alleging Assault with a Weapon Won!

San Francisco County

After a two day bifurcated evidentiary hearing entirely in Spanish, with multiple witnesses and presentation of evidence in San Francisco County, of counsel, senior attorney Cherie R. Wallace won  a Restraining Order hearing for our client where the restraining order alleged assault with a deadly weapon and client was previously charged with assault in a previous matter. Not only was the hearing conducted over two days, but the hearing was entirely in Spanish, requiring a delicate coordination of interpreters and evidence throughout the process. The two day evidentiary hearing was conducted to determine if  the restraining order was appropriate and after Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC of counsel attorney Cherie R. Wallace presented the evidence, the court determined no restraining order could be issued.

If you or someone you know is in need of defense of a restraining order in the Bay Area, it’s extremely important to hire a Bay Area attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable of the intricacies of restraining order defense, such as Mrs. Wallace and the other attorneys at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC.

Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC has two Bay Area offices to serve your needs located in San Francisco and Dublin, California and offer free consultations 24/7, as well as reasonable fees and financing options.

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