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Associate Attorney Kate O. Bredenberg Successfully Defends Domestic Violence Restraining Order!

February 28, 2023March 2nd, 2023Cases and Results, Criminal Defense, News

San Francisco County

Associate attorney Kate O. Bredenberg successfully defended a Domestic Violence Restraining Order out of San Francisco County. Ms. Bredenberg represented a client accused of creating fake social media profiles containing negative information relating to the restraining order petitioner with a basis of harassment. Ms. Bredenberg filed a written response to the restraining order claims and engaged in negotiations with the opposing party. After a hearing on the restraining order, including testimony by both parties, attorney Kate O. Bredenberg successfully defended against the allegations resulting in NO RESTRAINING ORDER for our client.

Restraining orders are issued when the courts decide that a person cannot have contact with someone else. Restraining orders are also known as protection orders, no-contact orders, and stay-away orders. Any type of these court orders banning contact can be imposed on someone such as a spouse, partner, coworker, neighbor, classmate, or roommate, or has injured another person or threatened to do so, including stalking or harassing another person.

Whatever the cause, it is important to take notice if a restraining order has been placed against you and contact a restraining order defense attorney such as associate attorney Kate O. Bredenberg and the other attorneys at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC.

Having an attorney on your side to defend against the restraining order is imperative to avoid the detrimental impact a restraining order can have on your future such as precluding child visitation, difficulty in obtaining a job, or difficulty in enrolling in a school or professional program.

The experienced and compassionate attorneys at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC are available to speak with you any time, any day about the details of your situation, and offer free initial consultations as well as reasonable fees and financing options.

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Kate O. Bredenberg successfully defends Domestic Violence Restraining Order