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The Definitive List Of New 2023 California Criminal Laws

By Criminal Defense, Criminal Law News, News, San Francisco

2023 is a great year of positive steps towards prison reform and anti-recidivism in criminal law and we have put together a definitive list of new 2023 California criminal laws you should know about! Many criminal laws have been newly effectuated or slated to take effect that show hope and promise toward a better criminal justice system that humanizes those who are incarcerated or facing incarceration. Below is a complete list of these new 2023 California criminal laws and brief descriptions of what they are about.

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Senior Attorney Jason T. Campbell and the California Habeas Handbook

By BACL News, News

At Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC, the experienced attorneys understand appeals, writs, and habeas corpus petitions are sometimes necessary to challenge one’s sentence or conviction. Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC employs attorneys dedicated to post-conviction relief such as senior attorney Jason T. Campbell, who will discuss all possibilities and options available and devise the best plan of action to vindicate their rights through the unwieldy habeas corpus process.

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