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Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC is a Bay Area law firm specializing in the defense of state and federal criminal cases. Our criminal attorneys handle criminal cases at both trial and appellate levels. The firm also is known for handling complex federal and state white collar matters as well as post-conviction habeas corpus and writ proceedings.

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Bay Area Criminal Lawyers Blog

Contra Costa County Firearms Charges Avoided and Professional Licensing Saved

| Cases and Results, News | No Comments
Attorney Clint C. Christoffersen was able to obtain a great result for a client charged in Contra Costa County with misdemeanor firearms charges who faced a potential sentence of county…

Felony Charges Reduced to a Misdemeanor with Probation in San Mateo County

| Cases and Results, News | No Comments
Attorney Alexander P. Guilmartin obtained a favorable result in a felony fraud case out of San Mateo County resulting in misdemeanor charges with court probation and 4 days of SWAP where the…

1 Count DISMISSED in Alameda County Murder Case!

| Cases and Results, News | No Comments
Firm owner and senior attorney David J. Cohen obtained a DISMISSAL in Alameda County of 1 count in a murder case where our client faced 25 years to life imprisonment.

Entering the New Year With Expansion and Success

| BACL News, News | No Comments
2021 will mark the first year that Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC will have expanded to the threshold of three full time associates and three regularly employed contract attorneys in…

Murder, Murder, Murder!

| BACL News, News | No Comments
Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC currently has six first degree murder, one second degree murder, and one involuntary manslaughter case in its current caseload.   This is the highest count of…

Post Bar Law Clerk Shannon M. Hohman Approved as Provisionally Licensed Lawyer

| BACL News, News | No Comments
Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC is excited to share post bar clerk Shannon M. Hohman's approval as a Bay Area Provisionally Licensed Lawyer by the State Bar of California.

Supreme Court Bans Non-Unanimous Jury Verdicts in Criminal Cases

| Criminal Defense, Criminal Law News, News, San Francisco | No Comments
The Supreme Court banned non-unanimous jury verdicts for criminal cases in a recent Supreme Court decision. California already requires unanimous jury verdicts in criminal cases, so the decision applies to the…

Bail Waived In California Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

| Criminal Defense, Criminal Law News, Oakland | No Comments
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, bail will be waived in California Courts temporarily for those arrested and charged with low-level offenses. Call Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, PC for a free…

Oakland Mistrial

| Criminal Defense, Criminal Law News, Oakland | No Comments
When facing a mistrial or determining how to proceed after a mistrial has been declared, it is imperative to contact a criminal defense attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable of…

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Bail Information

If bail has not been posted because you cannot afford it, we can argue for the court to immediately lower bail, or to lower bail at the first or next court appearance. We can assist with bail and release 24/7. It may make sense to have bail reduced before posting, potentially saving a lot of money. We can help you to get your bail bond premium reduced from 10% to as little as 7%. We can also help you work out bail bond premium payment plans.